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Gala Greenwood has the mind of an artist and the hands of an artisan. Since 2012, she has devoted both her mind and hands to unique mosaic creations. Whether she’s operating as Gala Greenwood, or doing projects as Gala Greenwood Mosaics Studio, the results share a singular and constantly renewed creative force. 

Through objects and artworks, Gala Greenwood creates atmospheres and experiences. In a world where technological possibilities are endless, Greenwood uses traditional processes where patience, respect, flexibility, and creativity are key elements to success. 

Born in Paris, Gala Greenwood is a classically trained musician and former professional photographer. As a conversation starter and artistic partner, Greenwood initiates a dialogue between interior design, art and craftsmanship. Each of her works tells a different story, evoking a different emotion. Whether she works on custom projects for interior designers, or creating a unique art mosaic piece, Greenwood always combines personality and character with individual elements to create images charged with meaning. 

While being creative and innovative, sustainability and service are also values that are key to Gala Greenwood. With an open mind, she’s an active part of each production step, thus offering unrivalled flexibility – all the way from concept to delivery. 

Gala Greenwood and Gala Greenwood Mosaics Studio are two components of the same organism. They feed each other; they nourish each other. It’s an accumulation of ideas, talent, vision, love, and experience.

© Julien Mignot

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